The beginning of it all

July 1st, 2016

#icye #irishaid #csds #vpv #travel

It’s a new month, it’s a new journey. This is the first time she will travel so far away from home, across a continent to the West End of Europe.

Enrolling for the Volunteer Scholarship, with little expectation at first, she got to meet amazing friends among fellow contestants, inspirational organizers who are young yet enthusiastic and professional, had tons of fun while learnt so much. Everything happened so fast, and before she  knew it, she found herself holding the visa ticket to Ireland. Like they said, it comes when you least expect it.

Talking of Ireland, could it be destiny? Since her childhood, every time asked “Which country do you want to visit most?”, “Ireland”. Why? Because there are green fields, and old castles under the high blue sky, the nearest place to heaven that she ever knew.

The first stage of all, meeting up with Ms. Moran – the Ambassador of Ireland in Vietnam, a surprisingly pleasant and unpretentious person from Limerick who devotes herself to promoting Irish culture around the world. They talked and talked, sharing about life here and there, didn’t even realise one hour had passed. To Ireland she brings along Ms. Moran’s blessings, the greatest gift of it all.

How is she feeling now?

Excited? Cannot contain it!

Nervous? Like hell!

But above all, she’s READY!


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